‘’When 120 years ago the first car appeared, hardly anyone could have expected that this invention would mean a life turnover for individuals, families, states…’’

Over sixty years of existence and active acting in society. There are not many organizations that have shown their vitality, which have bridged two systems and two centuries, and also continue to work with equal responsibility today as well as at the time when they were formed.It is a confirmation that pleases us, but, above all, it is an obligation for us to continue to carry out the numerous tasks equally very responsible and with high quality.

During the formation, at the end of December 1956, the full name of the organization was “Union of Drivers’ Associations and Automobile Engineers of Macedonia”. In accordance with the legal property, the Union is presented as a social organization, which implies non-profit and voluntary association. Since its establishment until today, the basic activities are mainly aimed at improving the safety of traffic.

Today, the Union of Drivers’ Associations of Macedonia is a citizen association – drivers and citizens, created by interrelation of motor associations of the cities of the Republic of Macedonia, in order to accomplish their interests and to perform activities that aim to enrich the traffic technical education, traffic culture and traffic safety.


We combine technology and expertise to create a safer future by delivering effective and professional service for motor vehicle users, also achieving social confidence and security in the quality and integrity of the service that we offer.


We make every effort to be a unique and leading model of quality service for motor vehicle users.